To get to the Webhooks page click the employer name in the main navigation and go to Settings -> Webhooks.

Webhooks are fairly technical and it’s probably the case that if you don’t know what they are then you don’t need to use them.

Webhooks provide a mechanism for letting external applications know about events that have occurred in the payroll software.

Automatically Created Webhooks

Some webhooks may be automatically created by external Connected Services and if so you shouldn’t modify or delete them as they will likely impact the integration.

Creating Webhooks

You can create new webhooks for this page.

The only values required are the event that should trigger the webhook and the url that data is sent to.

There’s also an option to mark the webhook as “Active”. Only active webhooks will be triggered.

Managing Webhooks

Once you’ve created a webhook it’ll be listed in the table along with useful information such as its current status and how many occurrences there have been.

You can also click through to see any JSON data that was sent for the webhook and the response received from the url.

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