Top Reasons People Choose Staffology

We asked our customers: Why us?
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  • Modern, intuitive interface
    "Most payroll software is clunky, Staffology is a joy to use and it's easy to find my way around. Which saves time, frustration and helps avoid mistakes.""
  • Depth of functionality
    "Because UK payroll is all you do, you do it well. Rather than having it as an add-on to some other product that's your real focus."
  • API Integration
    "We need to send data from our own systems to you. It was a breeze to set up and maintain!"
  • Automation saves so much time
    "The level of automation is second-to-none. It saves me considerable time which I can use elsewhere in the business.""
  • Competitive Pricing
    "The more we use it, the cheaper it gets. And it's nice that you don't charge extra for additional features like auto-enrolment and benefits."
  • Stellar Support
    "The response to questions has always been helpful and super fast."

Payroll Automation

Cloud payroll software runs even while you sleep. So it's able to automate processes for you.

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Cloud Based

Built by the team that originally brought SaaS accounting to the UK

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Comprehensive API

Seamless integration with other systems via our comprehensive RESTful API

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