Leave Settings (Employee)

When viewing an employee record, click the “Leave” sub tab and then the  Leave Settings button.

Most of the settings come from the employer leave settings.

Ideally you should leave these set to “Default” so that any changes you make to the employer settings are automatically applied to the employees.


If you don’t have the Payments in Lieu setting enabled (detailed below) then you’ll see a box to enter a number of days to adjust the leave allowance.

You can enter a positive or negative number to adjust how many days allowance this employee has. It’ll be reset to 0 when the leave allowance is reset.

Payments in Lieu

If you have the “Payments in Lieu” option enabled then the options for holiday allowances are hidden as it isn’t typical that an employee would have payments in lieu and holiday allowances.

Accrued Amount

We show the total amount the employee has accrued, this will be 12.07% of the amount they’ve been paid

Amount Paid

This it the total amount the employee has been paid to date for holiday pay.


Here you can enter a positive or negative amount to adjust how much the employee is owed.


Finally, we show the total amount the employee is now owed. Note that these numbers only take in to account finalised payruns.

Accrued based on

Select the value on which to calculate the holiday pay. It can either be just the regular monthly/weekly amount that’s paid, or ‘All Gross Pay’. You’d typically choose the latter if the employee has multiple lines on their payslip that make up the gross amount.


The rate at which to accrue holiday pay

Pay Automatically

Tick this box and we’ll automatically add a line to every payslip to settle the amount accrued in the period so that it doesn’t build up.

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