Import or Map Employees

Once you connect to a HR platform, you can import employees, map HR employees to existing ones, or both.

Click Employees in the main menu, then click the HR button at the top of the page to see all employees on the HR platform.

Import Employees

If the HR platform contains enough information, you can import employees in bulk without having to add extra data.

Tick the box to the right of the employees you wish to import and then click the “Import Selected” button at the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, you can import employees individually by clicking on them, leaving the status set to Import and clicking the Update button. If essential data such as date of birth or joining date are missing then you will be asked to provide this information.

The employees are imported, records are created in the payroll software and the HR employee is mapped to the payroll employee.

Map to Existing Employees

You may already have a record in the payroll software for the employee. In which case you can click the employee, change the status to Mapped and select the relevant employee.

Ignore Employees

In the HR platform, set the status to Ignored for any employees for whom you don’t wish to process payroll. You can easily change this status later if you need to.

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