Employment Allowance

To claim Employment Allowance, click to on the employer name in the main menu and choose “Edit Details”.

Now switch to the “HMRC” sub tab.

Tick the option to say you want to claim Employment Allowance.

The system will now offer to automatically send an EPS to HMRC for you to notify them of your claim.Max To Claim

This is the maximum amount to claim in any given tax year. You should be able to leave it at it’s default value. But if for any reason you want to reduce it (ie, claim already made elsewhere) then you can do so here.Include on Journal

If you tick this box then we’ll include a line on your monthly payrun journal for the amount of Employment Allowance claimed.

Note that the line will only be included on the journal once the payrun is finalised. For quarterly reporting it’ll only appear on the journal for the last monthly payrun of the quarter.

Claim Amount

Click the main “HMRC” tab to see your HMRC liabilities.

If you have claimed Employment Allowance in any reporting period then the amount will be shown in one of the table columns.

Click on any entry in the table to view the breakdown for the period. You’ll see an amount that has been claimed for Employment Allowance.

This value is automatically calculated based on the Max Claim you’ve set (see above).

If you want to then you can un-tick the “auto” box and overwrite the automatically calculated value.

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