HMRC Notices

We can connect to HMRCs Data Provisioning Service and retrieve and apply notices for you. These notices include:

  • P6 Updated Tax Code and previous pay detail
  • SL1 Start Student Loan
  • PGL1 Start Postgraduate Loan
  • P9 Updated Tax Code
  • SL2 Stop Student Loan
  • PGL2 Stop Postgraduate Loan

HMRC Notice Settings

Click “HMRC” in the main menu. Then click “Notices” in the sub-menu. From there you will see a link to the HMRC Notice Settings.

Enable HMRC Notices

Tick the box to enable HMRC Notices.

You’ll be able to manually trigger a request for new notices but we’ll also automatically check for new notices twice a day.

Retrieve Notices Issued From

If you’ve been running your payroll for a while then you won’t want us to get all of your old notices. So we’ll only retrieve notices issued after the date you give here. This defaults to the start of your current tax year.

Auto Apply

If this option is enabled then we’ll automatically apply notices before a payrun is performed.

At the start of each payrun we look for any notices with an effective date that is within the date range for the payrun and apply any that we find.

Viewing Notices

Click “HMRC” in the main menu. Then click “Notices”. If there are any retrieved notices then they’ll be listed here.

There is also a button to check for new notices. We automatically check twice a day but you can also use this button to check immediately.

We strongly recommend using the Auto Apply feature to apply notices automatically, but you can also manually apply a notice by clicking on it in the list and clicking the button to apply it


  • You need to ensure that the notice options in your HMRC PAYE dashboard are all set to ‘Yes’.
    Only coding notices issued after you’ve set this option will be retrievable.
  • Notices are matched to employees based on the NI number. If that fails then we’ll try to match the “Works Number” from HMRC to the Payroll Code of the employee.
    If no match is found then this will be indicated on-screen.

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