Previously Enrolled Members

For some providers, such as Nest, an Auto Enrolment Assessment that results in an enrolment requirement will trigger the employee being enrolled with the provider.

If you’re moving from another system to ours then you may already have employees that are already enrolled in a pension scheme.

In this scenario you will not want our software to attempt to re-enrol them or generate a letter for them.

To avoid our software enrolling the member, you should update their status so we know they’re already enrolled.

Set as Already Enrolled

Find the relevant employee under the “Employees” tab.

Go to the “Pension” tab for the employee record.

Click “Join AE Pension”.

From the drop-down, select “Enrol” and set the date on which they joined the pension.

If the employee wasn’t auto-enrolled on the pension then you should instead choose another option such as “Opt In”.

Confirm their Auto Enrolment status (ie, Eligible Jobholder).

If they’re enrolled in a scheme other than your default AE scheme then tick the box to override the scheme.

Click update.

The Employee record in the payroll software now reflects the fact they are already enrolled in the pension scheme.

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