Import Hours Worked from uAttend

uAttend is a cloud-based Time and Attendance system.

You can export the time worked by employees as a CSV file and import it here to set the amount to pay your employees.


uAttend only gives us the hours worked, not how much to pay per hour. So first make sure that each employee has their hourly rate set in their pay options. You can leave the number of hours set to zero.

Now start a new payrun. You should see that your employees have been added but the gross pay is zero,

Importing Data

At the bottom left of the pay run page you will see a button labeled “Import Payments”. Click it.

From the options provided choose to import from uAttend

You’ll be prompted to browse for a CSV file. Locate the file you exported from uAttend.

We’ll parse the file and redirect you to the standard CSV Import screen where you can see the Payroll Code, Hours Worked and Hourly Rate already correctly mapped and ready for importAn example uAttend CSV file show in Excel


  • Currently we only import the regular hours worked (the ‘REG’ column). If you require support for overtime or other columns then please get in touch.
  • If on the preview page you see a number of hours worked but the pay amount is zero, this will be because you didn’t set the hourly rate for the employee. You can set it for the current payrun and re-run the import. You should also update it for the employee to save you having to do it for every payrun.

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