Sync Employees

Once you have imported and mapped employees, you will want to keep their information up-to-date.

The HR platform is considered the master record, so employee data that’s changed there will be reflected in payroll, but not the other way around.

From the main Employees tab, click the HR button at the top of the page.

If any employees haven’t yet been mapped, imported or ignored, these will show first.

If necessary, switch to the Mapped tab.

Sync All Mapped Employees

The Re-sync All button will allow you to re-sync all mapped employees.

Any changes in the HR system will reflect in the payroll.

Sync Individual Employees

Click an employee in the list of mapped employees, click the Re-sync button to copy changes from HR to payroll.

Sync Logs

Next to the Re-Sync button is a link to the Sync Log for the employee. The log details changes made to the employee from information picked up from the HR platform.

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