Basic Setup

This is an outline of the basic setup required for a new employer before you can run payroll.
These steps are outlined on the dashboard when a new employer is created.

Payment Defaults

When you create new employees they’ll be set up with the default pay options for the employer.

To save time later you may want to check these now. Specifically you should set the default pay frequency – ie weekly, monthly.

Although you can always do this later and then apply the defaults to all existing employees.


You’ll need to get your list of employees set up. Your options to do this include:

Opening Balances (YTD)

If you’re starting part-way through the tax year and employees have been previously paid in another system then you’ll need to enter year-to-date (YTD) values.

If you imported the employees from an FPS then this will have been done automatically.
The values can also be included on the CSV import when you created the employees.

To manually set these values, just go to en employee record and click the “More” menu option at the far-right and choose “Opening Balances”

RTI Credentials

Every time you pay your staff, an FPS has to be sent to HMRC.

For us to do this you need to enter the Government Gateway credentials as well as the Tax Office number and Reference.
These are entered by clicking the employer name in the main menu, then choosing ‘Edit Details’ and then switching to the ‘RTI’ tab.

If you don’t have these details to hand you can still proceed with setting up, but you won’t be able to report to HMRC yet so shouldn’t yet finalise a payrun or pay your staff

Set Schedule

Finally, you need to set your payment schedule. This determines the pay day for your employees as well as the period for which they’re being paid.

If you click on “Payroll” in the main menu then you’ll be guided through this process.

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