Verify a Subcontractor

Automatic Verifications

When you first create a Subcontractor, we offer to automatically verify them for you.

When you first save the Employee record with the option to automatically verify enabled we will generate a “CIS Verification Request” and send it to HMRC.

If you want to you can view this request by clicking RTI on the main menu and choosing “CIS Verification” from the sub menu.
From here you can see the request sent to HMRC, the status of the request and any response received.

Once a response is received we’ll automatically update the Employee record with the result of the verification including saving the Verification Number and setting the deduction rate.

Manual Verifications

If you’ve already verified the Subcontractor then you can skip our automatic verification process.

Simply check the box labeled “Manually enter verification details” and you will be able to enter the information you have.

Batch Verifications

To verify multiple Subcontractor in a single request, click RTI in the main menu and choose “CIS Verification” in the sub menu.

Click the button to create a new Verification Request and you’ll be presented with a list of the employees you’ve marked as Subcontractors.

Select those that you want to verify and then create and submit the request.

We’ll automatically update each employee record when the response is received from HMRC.

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