Opening Balances (YTD & P45)

If you’re migrating from another payroll system mid-year, or an employee is joining mid-year and has a P45, then you’ll want to enter Opening Balances or Year-to-date (YTD) values.

To access these values: go to an employee record and click the More button to the far right.

Choose “Opening Balances” from the drop-down menu that appears, and you’ll be taken to the relevant page.

Changing YTD Values after an employee has been paid.

Whilst P45 figures can be entered at any point, the rest of the values must be entered before your first payment to an employee.

This is because when you finalise an employee’s first payrun, the resulting values (YTD, plus values from that payrun) are used as the starting point for the next payrun.

Override YTD Values

You can override the YTD values used as a starting point for a payrun, but we strongly advise you only do this unless you fully understand the implications of what you’re doing.

First, click your user avatar at the top-right and choose Edit Profile. Then go to the Display Preferences tab.

Tick the box to enable the Show YTD Button option.

Now when you view a payslip you will see a YTD button which you can click to view the YTD values being used and override any you want to.

If any YTD values are currently being overridden then an exclamation mark will be shown in the YTD button.

Overridden values are used for the current payrun. The next payrun will revert to normal behaviour, as its starting point will be the overridden YTD values from the previous payrun plus the in-period values from the previous payrun.

Adjust NI Tables

You may need to make an adjustment to the NIC table summaries for an employee.

These are used to calculate the NIC due on a payrun and the values are also reported to HMRC on an FPS.

To edit the NIC Table Summaries after you’ve started paying an employee you must have either an open payrun or an un-submitted FPS as this is where the changes will be stored.

Go to the employee’s Opening Balances page.

Scroll down to the NIC Table Summaries section and select Edit NIC Table Summaries.

From the resulting page, you can edit the NIC Table Summaries used for the employee. Any FPSs that have already been submitted won’t be modified, only open payruns and un-submitted (and future) FPSs will be updated.


  • If you get started by importing from an FPS, then the Opening Balance figures will be set up for you automatically.

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