Connect to External Provider

Ideally you would connect to your pension provider when you create the scheme. But you can also connect an existing Pension Scheme to an external provider.

Click on “Pensions” in the main navigation and select your Pension Scheme.

Click on the “Provider” tab.

You’ll see a field labeled “Connected to” with a value of “None”.

Click on where is says “None” and you’ll be able to choose a provider to connect to.

Choose your provider and follow the on-screen instructions to connect.

Once you’re connected the “Connected to” field will show the external provider name.

Worker Groups

If you connected to the provider when you first created the scheme we would have automatically created the correct Worker Groups.

But as you’re connecting later you need to take care to ensure the Worker Groups that have been set up in the payroll software match those set up in the external provider. If there is a mis-match then you’ll likely receive errors when sending contributions.

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