Non Deductibles (ie, Materials)

As you are no doubt aware, the CIS Deduction that is made only applies to labour – not materials.

Create a Pay Code

If your subcontractors bill you for materials then you need to create a new PayCode. You’ll only need to do this once.

  • Click your Company Name in the main menu, go to Settings -> Pay Codes.
  • Click the button to create a new Pay Code
  • Name the code anything you like, but ‘Materials’ is probably a good choice.
  • Set the type to ‘Addition’ and calculation to ‘Fixed Amount’
  • Un-tick the boxes so that it’s not subject to Tax, NI or Pension
  • Click ‘Create Code’

Add the Addition

Assuming the labour is already on the Payslip, you now need to add the materials.

  • Go to the list of Payslips for the Payrun
  • Click on the relevant entry for the Subcontractor
  • Click ‘Edit Additions/Deductions’
  • Add a new addition, selecting the code you just created

When you update the Payslip you’ll see that the materials have been added but the deduction is only being applied to the labour as required.

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