Employer Groups

Employer Groups help you to group your employers. You can create as many groups as you like, and an employer can be in many groups but you must specify at least one group as the Primary Group for the employer.

You can use them however you like – maybe group employers by Account Manager, or Location or Client Type – it is totally up to you.

Groups as unique to you as a user. When you give others access to employers, they will not see any of your group information but they can set up their own groups.

Managing Groups

At the top of the Employer Dashboard page, there is a Groups button.

Clicking it will take you to the page where you can set up groups and edit existing groups

Adding an Employer to a Group

When viewing the employer details page, click the ‘More’ menu option at the far-right of the page and choose Groups.

From here, you can add the primary group for the employer as well as select additional groups.

Filter by Group

If you have groups set up with employers in them, there is an option on the Employer Dashboard page to filter the list by group.

Billing Data

When you download your billing data to a CSV file, the data includes the primary group for the employer.

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