Pay Codes

The list of Pay Codes is accessed by clicking the employer name in the main menu and going to Settings > Pay Codes.

The screen divides into three tabs.

Custom Codes

If you wish to set up bespoke codes, you manage them here Typically these would be for commission, bonuses or anything you want to track separately to basic pay. You should not set up codes for SSP or other statutory pay types, as we set them up as System Codes.

To create a new code, select Add New, or, to edit an existing one, select it.


You can use anything you like as the Code, although it must be unique.


The payslips will use this description, by default, for any lines using this code.


Select whether this code is an addition or deduction.


Selecting Fixed Amount allows you to enter an exact amount to add/deduct when adding this code to a payslip.

Or you can choose Multiple of Hourly Rate to set 1 code that pays 1x, 2x, etc. of the employees base hourly rate – i.e., for overtime payments.

Alternatively, we can automatically calculate a percentage of Net or Gross pay.

Default Value (optional)

You can choose to enter a default value for this code.

Then, whenever you add it as a new line to a payslip, the value will be automatically filled for you.


If the calculation is set to Fixed Amount, you can choose to set this code to be a multiple of hours or days.

Leave it set to None and you only enter the amount to add or deduct. Choose hours or days, and you provide a daily/hourly rate and set the number of days/hours to pay.

If the Calculation is set to Multiplier of Hourly Rate, then you need to enter the multiplier value. For example, to double the employee’s usual rate, enter ‘2’.

Subject to

Select the relevant boxes to make additions/deductions assigned to this code subject to:

  •  Tax and/or NI
  •  Include them in calculations for pensionable pay

Attachment Orders

This is relevant if any of your employees have Attachment Orders. Only pay that is attachable is used to calculate deductions. If in doubt, tick this box.

System Codes

You cannot edit these codes.
They are used by the software for very specific purposes which can be inferred from their names.

Control Codes

These codes cannot be edited.
They are used when working out the resulting accounting entries from a payrun

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