Leave Settings (Employer)

You set the default Leave Settings of an employer by selecting the employer name in the main menu and choosing Edit Details.

You then choose the Leave item in the sub-menu.

All of these settings can be overridden on a per-employee basis in the settings for employee’s leave.

Default Allowance

Default Allowance is the number of days the employee has as their allowance for the year.

Allowance Resets on

The allowance resets on this date. Only the date and month parts are relevant; the year will always automatically increment, ensuring a future date.

Show on Payslip

Tick this to display the remaining balance of holiday days on the employee’s payslip.

Payment in Lieu

If you tick this option, the Default Allowance and Allowance Resets On options are hidden as they are no longer relevant. Additional fields show instead and are explained in more detail on the employees leave settings help page.

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