Set Holiday Allowance

Default Allowance

Each employee has a certain number of days holiday they are allowed each year. This is referred to as the Allowance.

As an employer, you will have a date each year when the allowance resets.

We’ve entered default values for you but you can change them if you wish to.

Click on the employer name in the main menu and choose ‘Edit Details’.

Switch to the ‘Leave’ tab for the Employer.

From here you can change the default allowance and the day that the allowance will reset.

Customise Allowance for an Employee.

By default all Employees will have the date and allowance that has been set above.

There may be instances when you wish to change this on a per-employee basis.

Go to the employee record and switch to the Leave tab.

Click on the Settings button to view their settings.


Choose to either use the default allowance or set a custom value.

Resets on

Use either the default date or set a specific date for the employee.


Here you can add extra days (or deduct them by using a negative figure).

Unlike a custom Allowance, whatever adjustment you enter applies to the current year only. It’ll reset to zero when the holiday allowance resets.

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