Accrue Holiday Pay

You can enable an option in the leave settings to accrue holiday pay in lieu of actually taking holiday days.

As well as automatically calculating the correct accrual amounts, you can also set the system to automatically pay out the holiday pay as it accrues so that you do not carry any liabilities.

Manually Add Holiday Pay

To manually add holiday pay to a payslip, add an extra line and then select AHPAY as the Pay Code.

The holiday liability then reduces for the employee.

Until you finalise the payrun, the reduction does not reflect on the employee’s record.

View Holiday Pay Liabilities

You can get an overview of the accrued holiday pay, as well as amounts paid and any outstanding figure.

Select the main Reports tab, go to the Employees sub section and choose the Holiday Pay Accruals report.

As with most reports, you can download this as a PDF or a CSV file.

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