Emailed Payslips

If you provide email addresses for your employees, you can choose to have payslips automatically emailed to them.

Employee Settings

If you provide an email address for an employee, a checkbox is available to confirm if you want the payslips automatically emailing when you finalise the payrun.

There is also an option to password protect the PDF for GDPR compliance.

If you set this option, then the payslip PDF will require a password in order to view it.

You can specify a password to use, which you need to communicate separately to the employee, or you can let us build a password.

If you let us build the password, then the details for it are included in the body of the email as follows:

PDF Password
The password for the attached PDF is your first and last initials followed by your date of birth.
So, if your name is Michael Caine and your date of birth is 14th March 1933, then your password would be MC19330314.

Finalising the Payrun

When you finalise the payrun, a checkbox confirming that you want all payslip emails sent, by default, is selected.

If you want, you can deselect this box to stop the sending of the payslip emails.

(Re)sending Payslip Emails

If you suppress the sending of the payslip emails, then after you finalise the payrun, you may want to send them at a later point.

When you view the details of a finalised payrun, there is a button to resend the payslips.

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