Finalising a Payrun

Once you are happy with all of the amounts shown for each payslip, it’s time to finalise the payrun.

Select Finalise All Payslips.

A screen will pop up confirming the payment dates. These are important and need to be correct, as this is key to the information sent to HMRC.

A notification will display if any of your employees are not going to receive their payslips by email.

You can ignore this if you were expecting it, or you can close the window and go to the relevant employees to add an email address.

Too Much Information?

After you finalise a payrun, a lot happens behind the scenes.

A list of the various items created will show, for instance: the FPS, Bank Payment File, Pension Contributions, and links to Payslips etc.

Depending on how you work, some of these may not be relevant to you.

You can easily hide anything you don’t want to see – hover over the row and click the that appears.

That row will then not show again the next time you finalise a payrun.

A small link will appear below the blue buttons to re-show any rows you’ve previously hidden.

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