Defaults for new Payruns

This guide is about how to make changes that affect an employees payment amount in all future payruns.
if you instead want to make changes that are one-off or to change a payrun that has already started you should instead edit the details for the Payrun

When you start a new Payrun, the amount the employee is paid, including any deductions or additions, depends on what’s been set for the Employee.

Setting Employee Payment Defaults

Click “Employees” in the main menu and then select the employee you wish to edit and then choose the Pay Options tab.

These values will have come from the employer defaults when the employee was first created.

Regular Pay

Here you set the basic amount that the employee is to be paid on every payrun. This value is automatically added to the payslip and uses the Pay Code ‘BASIC’ unless you override it with a different code.

Leave Adjustments

If the employee is paid a set amount each period (as opposed to a daily/hourly rate) then you have the option to set Leave Adjustments to manual or automatic.

If it’s set as automatic then the amount the employee is paid will be automatically reduced to reflect any unpaid leave or statutory pay in the period.

If you set it to manual then you’ll need to manually reduce the basic pay on each payrun, however any Statutory pay that required will still be automatically added to the payslip.

National Minimum Wage

If the employee is paid an hourly rate you’ll see a checkbox for National Minimum Wage.

If you tick this box then you can not set an hourly rate. Instead we’ll check the employees age at the start of each payrun and set the hourly rate accordingly. This saves you having to change the amount after birthdays or tax year ends.

Additions and Deductions

Here you can set any additions or deductions that you want to automatically include on every payrun.

Just click the ‘New Addition/Deduction’ to create a new entry, although you may want to first create a new Pay Code.

Tax & NI

This is where you set the Tax Code and National Insurance values for the employee.
You can also set an option to not pay Secondary NICs


This tab contains a number of options that don’t neatly fit under the other tabs.

The Student Loan and Postgrad Loan fields are the only options here that affect the amount the employee is paid.
All the other options here determine what information is provided to HMRC on an FPS.

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