Creating a Pension Scheme

To create a new Pension Scheme, select Pensions in the main navigation and select the button to add new scheme.

You have the option of connecting to a provider or manually entering details.

Connect to a Provider

If your pension provider is listed, select the relevant icon.

The process of connecting to the provider then starts. Depending on the provider, this process varies. Typically, you either go to their website to authorize access or be asked to key in your credentials.

Once connected, we create the new Pension Scheme based on the details we retrieved from your provider.

You must check that the details we’ve used are correct – especially details of the worker groups and contribution percentages.

Manually enter details

If your provider isn’t listed, select the button to manually enter the details. You need to enter basic details, such as the scheme name.

Once you’ve given the basic details, you’ll be able to enter more information.

The most important fields are those under the Settings and Worker Groups tabs. These determine the deductions for pension contributions and how we calculate and treat the figures for tax purposes.

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