PayRun Automation

To get to the Payrun Automation Settings, select the employer name in the main navigation and go to Settings > Payrun Automation.

Enable Auto Pilot

If you select this option, we automatically finalise your payruns and start the next payrun, according to your selected options.

You can choose to have this performed up to 6 days before the payment date, and you can choose the time of day that you’d like it done.

If Autopilot is enabled, when you view an open payrun, the date and time the automatic finalise takes place displays on the page.

Auto Submit FPS

If this option is enabled, automatically submit your FPS to HMRC as soon as you finalise a payrun – either manually or via autopilot.

Auto Submit Journal

If you connect to an accounting platform, we can automatically post a journal for each payrun.

Auto Submit Payments

If you connect to a payments platform, we can automatically trigger the distribution of payments.

Automation Tips

We automatically check your other settings, such as whether or not you send payslips via email. We show a tip on-screen here if we think there are settings you should pay attention to, thus getting the full benefit of automation.

Auto Emails

Would you like us to email someone with a summary of payments needed when you finalise the payrun, or perhaps you need to send a copy of all payslips to a specific address?

This is what the Auto Emails is for.

You can set up as many emails as you like and set the recipient, content and attachments.

Whenever you finalise a payrun, these emails send automatically.

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