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Expenses Module

Using our Expenses Module, you can enable employees to quickly record expenses and submit them to the appropriate person for approval all-in-one convenient system.

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Form Builder Module

Our Form Builder Module enables you to house documents securely online for quick access, providing the option to utilise bespoke or pre-built forms.

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Performance Module

Our Performance Module provides you with the tools to easily create Personal Development Plans that can help boost the engagement and productivity of your employees.

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Recruitment Module

Our Recruitment Module provides a range of functionality, including applicant evaluation and candidate engagement to ensure the process is more efficient and effective.

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Rota Module

Our Rota Module is a centralised area where managers can create rotas, informing their staff of any shift changes or updates.

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Training Module

Our Training Module provides you with all the tools needed to support this forward-thinking culture, helping you maximise the potential of your workforce.

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Timesheet Module

Our Timesheet Module makes it simple for your employees to record their hours worked along with any overtime, streamlining the submission and approval process.

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Position Management ModuleĀ 

Build a more flexible structure with Position Management. Create your organisation based on roles required not on the individuals who currently occupy the roles.

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Legal Module

Our Legal Module enables law firms to easily collect, monitor and report diversity data in line with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) regulations.

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