You can mark an employee as a Leaver by going to their record under the main Employees section.

Switch to the Employment sub-tab and tick the box to indicate that the employee has left. You are required to provide a leaving date.


Once marked as a leaver you can produce a P45 for the employee.

This is accessible from several places:

  • The Employee page, once the employee has left
  • Under the main Reports section
  • From the Finalised page of the employees final payrun.

If an email address is available for the employee, you have the option to email the P45. If you do this from within the system, the box confirming the sending of the P45 will select automatically. Otherwise, once you provide the P45, manually select this field.

Multiple Leavers

If you have multiple people all leaving on the same date, there is a way to do this quickly.

Under the main Employee section, tick the box to the right of each employee you want to mark as a leaver.

At the bottom of a page a drop-down will appear where you can choose an action.
Choose to mark the employees as leavers.
You are asked for a leaving date and can also choose to have the P45 automatically emailed.

Payment After Leaving

If you need to pay the employee after they have left, there is a specific way to do this. Read the Payment After Leaving page.

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