Reporting Benefits (P11D)

At the end of the tax year you’ll usually need to submit a P11D form to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for each employee you’ve provided with expenses or benefits.

You’ll also need to submit a P11D(B) to report your employer liabilities.

Submitting to HMRC

All P11Ds and the P11D(B) are created based on information you’ve provided when recording benefits.

Click on “RTI” in the main menu and then choose “EXB” in the sub menu.

Ensure the correct year is selected in the drop-down. You’d usually be reporting for the last tax year.

Click the “Create New EXB” button

You’ll be shown a form detailing how many P11Ds will be filed and any Class 1A NICs that are due. You are given the opportunity to record any additions or deductions to your Class 1A NICs.

Click the ‘Create’ button and your EXB will be created.

Now just click the ‘Submit’ button to send your P11Ds and P11D(B) to HMRC.


HMRC do not allow re-submissions of this report. so it’s important to be sure you have recorded all benefits correctly before submitting it.

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