Import To Multiple Employers

On most pages, you are working with one employer at a time, but you can import data to multiple employers from a single CSV file if you need to.

Currently, only Import Payment Amounts (CSV) supports this option, but we intend to extend it to other imports.

Enable Multi Employer Import

Before you can make use of any of these features, you need to enable them.

Select your user image at the top-right of the screen and choose Edit Profile.

In the Preferences section, select enable multi-employer imports, then save your changes.

Alternative Employer Id

You can now set a code for each employer. We call this the Alternative Id.

This is the code that you’ll use in the CSV file to identify the employer.

Edit the details of any employer and you’ll see a box for entering the Alternative Id.

You can also see them listed in the Employer Dashboard.


When you visit the Import Payment Amounts (CSV) page you’ll see you have the option to map an Employer field:

  • Leave it unmapped and the importer works as normal.
  • Or map it to a column in your file, specifying which employer the line should import to


  • If you specify an employer (by including an Alternative Id) on one line, then you must specify an employer for all lines in your file.
  • Each employer you specify must have an open payrun of the same frequency (i.e. Monthly or Weekly) as the one you’re trying to import to.
  • The Alternative Id you set for each employer should be unique. If it isn’t, you’ll get an error message when importing using the duplicated Alternative Id.

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