Customise Emails

To get to the Mail Settings customisation options, click on your employer’s name in the main menu and go to Settings > Mail Settings.

Name and Address

From here, you can change both the name and email address used when the system sends emails on your behalf.

If you change the email address, we will send a confirmation link to the new address to verify you own it. Until you click on the link in the email, no emails will send.

HTML Content

This information is about changing the appearance of all emails. To customise the content of a specific email, see how to customise templates.

All emails that are sent are in HTML format.

As well as customising the content of these emails, you can also customise the surrounding HTML.

Tick the checkbox labelled ‘Customise the HTML used for emails’.

From here, you can make changes to the CSS and HTML used to create your emails.

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