Import Umbrella Amounts (CSV)

When viewing the Payrun, select Import Payments.

As long as you have enabled the Umbrella Settings then you will see an option to upload a CSV file.

Use this feature to upload details about multiple umbrella payments in one go.

Column Headings

Whilst the headings can appear in any order in your CSV file, the names of the columns must be exactly as shown below.


Code a required column. It should contain the Payroll Code of the employee you wish to pay.


Amount is also a required column, the invoice amount.

Hours (Optional)

The number of hours worked. Will default to 40 if not supplied.

Timesheets (Optional)

The number of timesheets this payment covers. The Charge is multiplied by this value. Will default to 1 if not supplied.

Mileage (Optional)

If the employee has a vehicle type set, then you can choose how many miles to claim. Defaults to 0

Expenses (Optional)

Any additional expenses the employee is claiming to reduce the taxable value. Defaults to 0.

Charge (Optional)

The charge per timesheet to apply to this payment.

Defaults to whatever value you set in your Umbrella Settings.

Review and Upload

If you’re happy, select Import Umbrella Payments.

The payments are applied to the employees, and you go to the payroll view, where the results display

You can edit any individual entry by clicking on it in the list and then clicking on the icon as detailed in Umbrella PAYE.

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