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  • Pensions and Auto-Enrolment
  • Expenses & Benefits (P11D)
  • Payroll Automation
  • Accounting Integration
  • Comprehensive REST API
  • HMRC Recognised (RTI & CIS)

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Staffology HMRC recognised payroll software that’s smiles better

Whether you need to run payroll for 50 employees or 5000, Staffology payroll software makes it easy. Our web-based payroll software is recognised for its simple setup, vast array of features, and comprehensive API for seamless integration with a range of systems.

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Payroll Automation

Cloud payroll software runs even while you sleep. So it’s able to automate processes for you.

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Built by the team that originally brought SaaS accounting to the UK.

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Comprehensive API

Seamless integration with other systems via our comprehensive RESTful API.

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Why choose Staffology payroll over alternative payroll software?

We asked our customers a simple question: Why us? Listed below is a summary of the responses we received.

  • Modern, intuitive interface
    “Most payroll software is clunky, Staffology is a joy to use and it’s easy to find my way around. Which saves time, frustration, and helps avoid mistakes.”
  • API Integration
    “We needed to send data from our own systems to you. It was a breeze to set up and maintain!”
  • Automation saves so much time
    “The level of automation is second-to-none. It saves me considerable time which I can use elsewhere in the business.”
  • Competitive Pricing
    “The more we use it, the cheaper it gets. And it’s nice that you don’t charge extra for additional features like auto-enrolment and benefits.”
  • Stellar Support
    “The response to questions has always been helpful and super-fast.”
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Who is Staffology for?

Staffology is for all UK businesses, from start-ups to large businesses. Whether you want an automated solution that takes the manual processing out of payroll for your small business, a payroll software you can white label as an accountant, or payroll powered by an API so you can fully integrate it with your HR, employee or other systems. We power payroll for your business, and hundreds of others across the UK.

Staffology For Small Businesses

We help small businesses free up precious time with our automated payroll software.

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Staffology For Accountants

Our payroll software gives accountants the chance to white label and reduces processing time across clients.

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Staffology For Developers

With industry leading API based payroll software, we help developers easily integrate payroll with their software.

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What our customers say

Automated features of our cloud payroll solution to make you smile

  • Auto Pilot

    No-touch Auto Pilot will automatically finalise your pay run, emailing out payslip PDFs to each employee, filing the FPS with HMRC, and starting the next pay run
  • Payment Summary Distribution

    Share confidence in your payroll run, with Payments Summary file distribution to whoever you choose.
  • Email Payslip Distribution

    Staffology’s payroll software enables you to share the good news on payday with automated email mailing of payslips.
  • Automatic Distribution of Funds

    Automate multiple payment providers so that you can automatically send funds to employees, pension providers, and HMRC.
  • Comprehensive Reports

    Get valuable data insights at the push of a button with a vast range of reports to meet your reporting needs
  • Ready to go out-of-the-box

    With our cloud payroll software, you can take advantage of payroll automation without any development work involved.

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