Employer Dashboard

The Employer Dashboard is useful when managing multiple employers.

To access it, click the name of the current employer in the main navigation and then click See all or See x more from the menu that appears. Note this will only show if you have two or more employers created.

You may want to set it as your starting page by clicking on your profile image in the main menu and choosing “Edit Profile”.

The list of employers shows a lot of information and direct links.

You can sort the list by clicking on any of the headers.
There’s also a search box to help you quickly find an entry.
If you have set up Employer Groups, you can filter the list to only view employers in a selected group.

Employer Name: Click the name to go straight to the details page for the employer. Clicking anywhere else in the row will take you to the dashboard for this employer.

Employees: Tells you how many employees there are for this employer. Clicking it takes you directly to the list of employees.

Current Payrun: The number tells you the period that you are processing.
A filled circle means you have finalised it. An unfilled circle, as shown here, indicates the payrun is open.
A red border says it’s overdue.

RTI: A number in grey tells you how many unsubmitted RTI documents there are. The red number indicates RTI documents that have received an error from HMRC. Clicking here takes you directly to the RTI page.

Pension: If you connect the employer to a pension scheme then this shows the status of the most recent submission. Click to go to the Pensions page.

Auto Pilot: A green tick says we’re automatically processing this payroll for you. Click it to get to the automation settings.

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