Working Patterns

Every employee must have a Working Pattern that defines which days of the week they usually work.

We use this for the calculation of Statutory Pay and also to work out how many actual working days you lose due to holidays employees take.

Default Working Pattern

We automatically create a Working Pattern for you with a working week of Monday to Friday, 7.5 hours each day.

You can view this by selecting the employer name in the main menu and then Settings > Working Patterns.

You can edit and add Working Patterns here.

Set Working Pattern for an Employee

If you only have one Working Pattern, all employees will be assigned to it.

If you have multiple Working Patterns, employees will be assigned to the default Working Pattern.

You can edit this on a per-employee basis by going to the employee record and the Employment tab.

From the drop-down list, you can choose which Working Pattern to use for the employee.

Note: this drop-down list will only appear if you have multiple Working Patterns.

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