Payment After Leaving

If you need to give an additional payment to an employee after they have left, it needs to be dealt with in a specific way to comply with HMRC rules.

From the main Employees tab, select the Former sub-tab.

After choosing the relevant employee, switch to their Employment tab.
Select the box to confirm you want to add a payment after leaving.

The employee will be automatically added to the next payrun (or the current payrun if it is still open).

You can add a payment in the usual way. Note that we’ve forced the tax code to be 0T so that there is no personal tax allowance.

Once you finalise the payrun, the Payment After Leaving checkbox on the employee record will be clear, so the employee doesn’t appear on the next payrun.

The FPS reports the payment to HMRC.

A Payment After Leaving doesn’t increase the values on a P45, and you should not re-issue a P45 after making the payment.

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