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We're hiring!

16th Mar '21

We want to hire a C# developer and an Automaton Engineer. We're now a part of IRIS Software Group. Every day 335,000 UK organisations rely on IRIS payroll software to pay over 2.5 million people

by Duane Jackson

Parallel Payruns

11th Feb '21

It's a common scenario: you've looked at the demonstration, you've played with some of the automation settings. You've realised Staffology really is as amazing as everyone says. But you're cautious. It's mid-year and you don't want to jump in feet first.

by Duane Jackson

Overriding Calculated Values

19th Jan '21

One of the benefits of working with an experienced team like our new colleagues at IRIS is that they can pre-empt a lot of issues that they suspect will likely come up in the future. We're now adding some areas of functionality to address some of them.

by Duane Jackson

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A New Home for Staffology

8th Jan '21

As some of you will know, I've been on the start-up journey before. In a previous life I started KashFlow and grew it over nearly ten years to 20,000 customers. Staffology came about, not because I wanted to do it again, but because of the clear need for some innovation in the payroll space

by Duane Jackson

On Hold and Rehire

9th Dec '20

We've added a couple of features around employee management that might save you some time. On Hold: If you have temporary employees then you'll be familiar with the ability to filter payruns based on employees that are being paid and those that aren't.

by Duane Jackson

Twinfield Integration

13th Nov '20

We're already integrated with many accounting software platforms. But today we're adding one more to the list: Twinfield. Whereas the other platforms we integrate with are mainly used by SMEs, Twinfield is primarily used by some of our larger

by Duane Jackson

IR35 and Off-Payroll Workers

29th Oct '20

We're starting to get a lot of enquiries about the ability of our software to handle payroll for IR35 and Off-Payroll Workers. We upgraded our software last year ready for the expected launch in April 2020 - so we've been ready for this for a while.

by Duane Jackson

Employment Allowance Journal

26th Oct '20

Like most other payroll applications, we don't include the Employment Allowance�shown on the payrun journal. There's good reason for this as in many potential configurations it simply shouldn't be.

by Duane Jackson

Import Multiple Employers

16th Oct '20

Typically once an accountant or payroll bureau has read about our automation features and tried the software out with one or two employers they're sold.

by Duane Jackson

Validating Bank Account Details

6th Oct '20

It can be annoying to run a large payrun, perhaps even fully-automated - and then have a failure when it comes to paying everyone due to bank details being entered incorrectly.

by Duane Jackson

Custom PDF Passwords

17th Sep '20

It's been a busy week in terms of improvements. Tuesday saw the release of enhancements to Accrued�Holiday Pay. And yesterday we made it easier to manage P45s.

by Duane Jackson

Tracking P45s

16th Sep '20

We already automatically generate P45s for employees that have left, and we make it easy for you to send them via email. What we hadn't done - until today - is give you the ability to simply tick a box to say whether or not an employee has been issued their P45.

by Duane Jackson

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Accrued Holiday Pay Enhancements

15th Sep '20

We've added a few enhancements to the Accrued Holiday Pay feature. You can now override the default rate of 12.07%. You can do this either on the employer (so as to affect all employees) or you can override it on a per-employee basis.

by Duane Jackson

Payments After Leaving + Standard 18

19th Aug '20

I really don't like having to say "Sorry, we don't have any support for that" when someone asks how to do something. So we've recently dealt with a couple of common requests.

by Duane Jackson

Deputy Payroll Integration

3rd Aug '20

We're pleased to announce yet another addition to our growing list of integrated software. Deputy is staff management and rostering software that's been around a while, but recently a lot of our UK customers have been mentioning it as something that they'd like to see integrated.

by Duane Jackson

New Pension Features + more

27th Jul '20

As well as the more noteworthy additions such as the recent addition of overtime codes and the new CJRS report, we are also constantly adding or tweaking other smaller bits and pieces.

by Duane Jackson

Overtime and Double Time Pay Codes

25th Jul '20

We've just added support for a new type of pay code. Many of you either import hours worked from an external system or CSV file. Or you pay your employees on a salary rather than an annual rate.

by Duane Jackson

Updated Furlough (CJRS) Report

15th Jul '20

After being the first to release a Furlough (CJRS) Claim report back in April, I'm pleased to say we now have an updated report to take into account the changes between now and October.

by Duane Jackson

Managing Right To Work

23rd Jun '20

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to ensure your employees have the right to work in the UK. For relatively static workforces that isn't too difficult to manage.

by Duane Jackson

Multiple Employee Actions

12th Jun '20

Hot on the heels of yesterdays product enhancements, we have a few more for you today. All are centered around employee management.

by Duane Jackson

Statutory Pay Report + Email a P45

11th Jun '20

We're constantly adding small features and making minor tweaks to improve the product for you. Often they're too small to warrant announcing. But here are a few of the recent changes and additions that you might find useful

by Duane Jackson

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Custom Pay Periods: 445, Quarterly, etc

2nd Jun '20

If you're on our mailing list you'll know I usually end my emails with a request to let me know about any features you need or any suggestions we can try and implement to make things easier or more efficient for you.

by Duane Jackson

Time and Attendance Integrations

13th May '20

We've supported importing time and attendance data from uAttend, TimeMoto and Access People Planner for a while. But as they don't have APIs it's meant fiddling with CSV files. Better than nothing, but not ideal.

by Duane Jackson

New: Variance Report

11th May '20

We've just added a new report based on requests from customers - the Variance Report. The report is intended to help you compare one period to another to identify any variations in pay as well as highlight joiners and leavers.

by Duane Jackson

Please don't compare us to Sage

5th May '20

I noticed last week that a new user, Sarah Carter @ Rocket Software, had run a payroll in our payroll software but the FPS had failed so I got in touch to ask if I could help.

by Duane Jackson

Multiple Schedules, Same Frequency

23rd Apr '20

I was asked a great question a couple of months ago: "What kind of business is Staffology not suitable for?". Our customers range from single employee firms, to payroll bureaux and accountants, to a 1,200 employee business

by Duane Jackson

Furlough Claim Report Now Available

17th Apr '20

We've just released a new report to help you make a claim a payment for furloughing employees under the UK Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. We'll walk you through the process here. It's quite likely that HMRC will update the guidance on how we should be making calculations so we will update our system accordingly

by Duane Jackson

Automate Distribution of Funds to Employees

15th Apr '20

We like automation. It saves so much time. We know you make a lot of use of the automated payroll features we offer. But it's always been missing one piece of the jigsaw: Someone had to submit the BACS file to the bank for processing.

by Duane Jackson

Employee Notes

30th Mar '20

We've just added notes to Employees so that you can store extra tidbits of information. You can access the notes by choosing a employee and switching to the new Notes tab.

by Duane Jackson

COVID-19: Furlough and SSP

26th Mar '20

Part of the support being provided by the government due to the COVID-19 outbreak has an impact on payroll. Specifically furloughing of employees and SSP being paid from the first day of sickness.

by Duane Jackson

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Year End Made Easy

17th Mar '20

Many of you have already closed 2019/20 and have moved on to 2019/21. But for those that are about to do it, here's a little preview of what to expect.

by Duane Jackson

Umbrella Reconciliation and Statements

25th Feb '20

If you're working with Umbrella company payroll then your 2020 is off to a good start. We're really beefing up our Umbrella Features. At the beginning of the month we added CSV imports and now we're announcing to new reports

by Duane Jackson

Introducing Employer Groups

19th Feb '20

A new feature has just been added to help those of you managing multiple employers. We now have Employer Groups. You can set up as many groups as you like and you can then add employers to those groups.

by Duane Jackson

Accrued Holiday Pay

29th Jan '20

Thanks to how easy it is to integrate other systems in to our payroll software, we now have a number of clients that are paying employees on an ad-hoc basis. Their systems tell our systems how many hours should be paid and the rest all happens by magic.

by Duane Jackson

Introducing Daily CIS Payroll

10th Jan '20

It's rare that we're asked if our software can do something and the answer is 'no'. But one of those things is daily payroll. When it comes to doing PAYE daily, it's tricky as it's not something HMRC recognises.

by Duane Jackson

New Year, New Reports

3rd Jan '20

We're welcoming 2020 with the addition of a few new reports. Holiday Report - Found in the 'Employees' section of the 'Reports' area, the Holiday Report gives you an overview of the leave allowances for all of your employees at once.

by Duane Jackson

The quick way to import pay via the API

19th Dec '19

Unlike other blog posts, this one is going to get quite technical. If you don't know your JSON from your XML then this one might not be for you.

by Duane Jackson

Introducing Tags

27th Nov '19

We already have the ability to create departments and to add employees to a department (or multiple departments). That gives you a single level of analysis for your data which is sufficient for most of you

by Duane Jackson

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Employer Portal

5th Nov '19

Two big features that we've felt we're missing are an Employer Portal and an Employee Portal. There may only be one letter differentiating the two but they're very different beasts

by Duane Jackson

October Tweaks

4th Nov '19

We've made a number of small-ish tweaks in the past month, we've listed some of them here

by Duane Jackson

Defaults for New Employers

3rd Oct '19

A new feature we've just added will make life a lot easier for those of you that are managing multiple employers. You can now configure the system so that when you create a new employer it copies settings from an already existing employer

by Duane Jackson

More CIS Features

27th Sep '19

Our Cloud CIS functionality has proven remarkably popular. I didn't realise just how little there was out there in terms of cloud-based, modern software for people paying subcontractors under the CIS scheme.

by Duane Jackson

Managing Holiday Allowances

24th Sep '19

We're trying to stay away from any HR functionality as there are already a lot of great products out there for that. We want to stay very focused on payroll. Managing leave and holiday allowances falls in to that fuzzy space between HR and payroll and it's something some of you have said you really need.

by Duane Jackson

Global Search

19th Sep '19

We've just introduced global search to make it easy for you to find employers, employees or help articles from anywhere within the application.

by Duane Jackson

Payrolling Benefits

11th Sep '19

We now have full support for payrolling benefits. This is a new(ish) method for reporting employees benefits throughout the year rather than on a P11D at the end of the year.

by Duane Jackson

Payments CSV Importer Upgraded

2nd Sep '19

Until today the CSV Importer for payments only supported importing the basic pay amount for a paylsip. You couldn't use this tool to import additional lines to a payslip. Now you can. Simply include the employee multiple times in the CSV file.

by Duane Jackson

Pay Codes for Daily and Hourly Amounts

1st Sep '19

Whilst you've always been able to set the basic payment to employees as being either a fixed amount, an hourly rate or a day rate - when it came to adding additional lines you only had the option to add or deduct a fixed amount. Not any more

by Duane Jackson

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Umbrella Company Payroll Features

27th Aug '19

Umbrella companies have to do some pretty complex calculations to work out how much to pay an employee. This sounded like a challenge, so we've started building features to make these calculations as easy as 1, 2, 3.

by Duane Jackson

Mileage Allowance Payments

20th Aug '19

Not as exciting or magical as last weeks new feature, but still very useful. You can now easily pay employees for mileage in their own cars.

by Duane Jackson

Auto Emails After Payruns

15th Aug '19

We've just released a big update to the automation side of things. The options for auto emails after payruns have expanded.

by Duane Jackson

Import from Sage 50 and more

6th Aug '19

July wasn't so quiet after all, lots of new features have been added in the last month or so

by Duane Jackson

P11D Benefits, HMRC Notices and more

26th Jun '19

The latest product additions are detailed below. There's a lot to like! Benefits, P11D and P11D(B). You can now record benefits for employees and create and submit the required P11Ds and P11D(B) at the end of the year. Which of course we'll do automatically for you

by Duane Jackson

Importing from FPS

3rd Jun '19

If you're already running payroll in another system then you can easily get started with Staffology or just see what it has to offer by importing an FPS file from your current software. What's an FPS? Every time you pay your employees your payroll software has to create a Full Payment Submission (FPS) file and send it to HMRC.

by Duane Jackson

Automatic Journals And More Accounting Integrations

28th May '19

This month has mostly been focused on behind-the-scenes speed improvements and improved accounting integrations.. Accounting Integration. A journal entry will now automatically be posted to your accounting software when you finalise a payrun.

by Duane Jackson

NEST Integration, Webhooks, NMW

30th Apr '19

Another month gone and a raft of new features added to Staffology Payroll. Read on to discover what we've added in the last four weeks. NEST Integration. We're now fully integrated with NEST Pensions, so your pension contributions can now be automagically sent.

by Duane Jackson

Introducing Payroll Automation

26th Mar '19

Just because we've now officially launched, doesn't mean that development has slowed down. We've added lots of new features in the past few weeks. Payroll Automation. Not everyone has the development resources

by Duane Jackson

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We're live

18th Mar '19

It's official. Staffology has now launched. This morning TechCrunch published a post breaking the news. The first (or was it the second?) phase is now over. The hard work of getting a product to market is done now the hard work of getting customers to love us begins.

by Duane Jackson

Pricing Announcement

4th Mar '19

It's great to see so many of you making use of the software over the last month and many are now confident enough to be using it as a live payroll system.

by Duane Jackson

Public Beta Announcement

5th Feb '19

The last update I posted was just before Christmas. Since then we've had a nice mention on AccountingWeb that ruffled a few feathers, and of course lots of progress on the software. I was aiming to get the software ready for public beta testing by the end of January and I'm pleased to say I reached that goal. Now anyone can sign up to try it out.

by Duane Jackson

Pre-Xmas Private Beta Update

21st Dec '18

I thought I'd send a final Staffology update for the year before we all wind down for a bit over Christmas. There has been lots of progress in the past 3 weeks. Specifically: 1) Email: We've gone from zero email functionality to a lot of email-related features.

by Duane Jackson

Private Beta Progress

30th Nov '18

Since I announced the Staffology private beta a couple of weeks ago, lots more has been done based on your feedback. Below is a list of some of the changes and a heads-up on what we're now working on. Do let me know if you have any suggestions on what we should add/change or what the priorities should be.

by Duane Jackson