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Posted on Monday, 3rd Jun '19

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

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If you’re already running payroll in another system then you can now easily get started with Staffology or just see what it has to offer by importing an FPS file from your current software.

What’s an FPS?

Every time you pay your employees your payroll software has to create a Full Payment Submission (FPS) file and send it to HMRC.

Your software should give you access to the raw data as an XML file that will look similar to the example shown.

Why import your FPS?

As well as including information about your employees, including opening balances, an FPS also contains your RTI credentials and HMRC details. So when you import your FPS we can easily do a lot of the set up for you automatically.

For full instructions, visit Importing an FPS in our User Guides.

Duane Jackson, June 3rd, 2019

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