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Posted on Tuesday, 6th Aug '19

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

Despite previously suggesting that July would be a quiet month on the development front, we’ve actually added a lot of new features.

Improved Employers List

With many of you now managing more than 100 employers, it became apparent you needed a better at-a-glance overview.
So the main employer list now contains a few extra columns.

You can now immediately see the status of any pension contribution submissions as well as whether there are any RTI submissions that need your attention.

Import from Sage 50 Payroll

We thought adding an import from FPS option would cover migration from most other vendors, but apparently not.

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to extract the FPS file from Sage 50 Payroll (or Sage 50cloud Payroll as they now seem to want to call it).

So we’ve built an importer based on the data that you can get to. Hundreds of employers have now migrated from Sage Payroll to Staffology.

Access People Planner

Access People Planner is a web-based home care management product for scheduling and rostering.

You can now easily import data from it to create your payslips with the relevant amounts based on hours worked.

FreeAgent and Sage Accounting Integration

Our accounting integration with both Sage and FreeAgent has now been improved.

If you are managing multiple employers then when you connect to either Sage or FreeAgent you’ll be able to select which employer you want to connect with.

Minor, but noteworthy

A number of smaller improvements have been made, including:

  • Default values for pay codes – you can now optionally set a default amount for your pay codes
  • Suppress Payslip Emails – you can choose to not email payslips when finalising a payrun. Useful if you had re-opened it to make a change.
  • Withhold PAYE Refunds – you can set on a per-employee basis (or as an employer default) to withhold PAYE refunds for employees paid zero amounts.

API User?

Remember, everything you can do in the app you can do via the API.

For example, the improved employer list means there is now more metadata available from the List Employers API call.

Duane Jackson, August 6th, 2019

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