Quick wins for the next normal – 5 ways of working to leave behind

Posted on Wednesday, 1st Jul '20

Anthony Wolny by Anthony Wolny

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s the importance of business resilience.

We know that resetting, reorganising, and finding resilience are likely to be a huge part of your business strategy right now.

So, inspired by the ingenuity of SMEs across the globe, here are 5 ways of working we don’t think you should take through to the next normal…

1. Spending too much time on employee admin

How much time do you currently spend on admin tasks? It’s likely to be way more than you need to. Self-service technology employees to manage their own personal data and work-life admin, including submitting annual leave requests and updating personal details.

Not only does this reduce the number of admin tasks consuming your time, it ultimately increases engagement by giving employees control of their own personal data.

2. Making reporting manual

Are you getting the reporting data you need from spreadsheets? HR software provides you with a suite of inbuilt exports and reports at your fingertips. Speeding up the reporting process and allowing you run detailed and accurate workforce reports across your whole organisation.

This gives you quick and easy access to all the data you need to make evidence based decisions that move your business forward.

3. Wasting money during recruitment

Recruitment can be expensive and time consuming, but so important to get right. HR software enables you to manage your entire recruitment process from start to finish in a timely and cost-effective manner – allowing you to focus on finding the best candidate for your team.

4. Working through tasks manually

Why stick with time-consuming manual processes when technology can take on that burden for you? Using HR software to automate tasks reduces the risk of human-error, streamlines your processes, and helps you achieve more with less.

5. Using multiple systems

Having more than one system looking after your people process is complicated. You struggle to find what you need, it’s difficult to control who has access to each bit of information, and you’re constantly trying to remember different log in details.

Moving to an all-in-one HR solution will give you all the tools you need to support your employees in one secure place, including day-to-day HR tasks, recruitment, expenses, training and much more.

Thrive in the next normal

Designed specifically for SMEs, Staffology HR can support you in making all of these quick wins and more by providing flexible, intuitive HR software that helps you to stop wasting time and to start save money instead.

Start a free trial to see for yourself.

Anthony Wolny, July 1st, 2020

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