Recent Staffology Enhancements

Posted on Monday, 25th Apr '22

Matt Routledge by Matt Routledge

We have recently introduced a range of fantastic enhancements to Staffology Payroll. They include:


We have introduced the concept of warnings when opening a pay run to help avoid potential issues with payments or FPS submissions. Warnings currently include:

  • Missing Bank details for employees with payment method set to credit (go to Employee > Pay Options > Other > Payment Method).
  • New starter where two lines of address are not present.
  • Characters in the address HMRC consider invalid.

If there are unresolved warnings, an error will show at the top of the open pay run screen.

Selecting View Warnings or going to the Warnings tab will show all active warnings

Selecting any of the warnings then directs you to the area requiring changes.

By default, we enable this option. Go to Initials > Edit Profile > Display Preferences > Enable features to disable this.

Updating Employees via Import

We have introduced some additional changes to the import of employee updates.

When updating employees’ records, you no longer need to add their DOB or start dates (these are still required when creating new employees).

We have also added several fields, which you can now update via import:

  • NI Table               
  • Tax Code            
  • W1M1  
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth      
  • Marital Status   
  • Join Date                            
  • Dept Code          
  • Left Date
  • Pay Frequency 
  • Pay Schedule Ordinal     
  • Pay Basis             
  • Pay Amount

Pay Options Changes to Live Pay runs

You can now apply changes to Employee > Pay Options to open pay runs.

When making changes to Pay Options, selecting Update employee will now display this screen.

Auto Calculation of Hourly Rate

After changing factors impacting an hourly rate, you can recalculate.

Following any changes, an alert will now be provided to inform users that the hourly rate must be reFollowing any changes, an alert will show, advising users to recalculate the hourly rate.

Quantity included on Payrun Analysis Report

For pay codes based on a quantity (e.g. hour), the Reports > Payruns > Payroll Analysis report includes a column for Quantity.

This column is only displayed if it includes a pay code with a quantity applied.

Matt Routledge, April 25th, 2022

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