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Posted on Tuesday, 23rd Jun '20

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

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As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to ensure your employees have the right to work in the UK.

For relatively static workforces that isn’t too difficult to manage.

But we’re seeing an increasing number of employers with high numbers of temporary workers using our platform.

For a large and changing workforce it can be a bit more difficult to stay on top of your duties.

So we’ve added a feature to help.

Record Right To Work Details

View an employee record and switch to the “Employment” sub-tab and you’ll see in the right-and pane a check box to say the employees right to work has been checked.

As well as the document type and reference, you can optionally provide an expiry date.

Expiry Reminders

If any of your employees have a Right To Work document expiring in the next 28 days, this will be highlighted on the dashboard when you log in so that you can update the details.

Right To work Report

We’ve produced a report so that you can export all right to work information and see who hasn’t been checked.
As you’d expect the report can be downloaded as a PDF or a CSV.

We hope this makes managing payroll even easier for you.

As with most of our features, this was added due to a new customer asking for it. So if you have a feature request then please do get in touch.

Duane Jackson, June 23rd, 2020

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