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An Employer’s Guide to Managing Confidentiality with Sickness at Work

9th May '23

Since data protection laws and equality legislation came into play, employee confidentiality has never been so important for employers. Whilst every business is fully aware that medical disclosures should be treated with respect and compassion, many organisations are also making adjustments for their workers in response. Not only does this look attractive to new hires, […]

by Duane Jackson

Casual Worker Holiday Pay: How to Calculate It

24th Apr '23

Calculating holiday pay for casual workers can be a varied task, especially when weekly or monthly hours are not contracted. Compared to full-time employees, casual workers will have a flexible working schedule, with hours worked differentiating from week to week. So, how do you keep a track of their holiday pay? Tracking Casual Worker Holidays […]

by Duane Jackson

What Should Be in Your Staff Handbook in 2023

29th Mar '23

A staff handbook should define an employer’s policies and procedures, what is expected of their employees, and what they expect of their employer. Staff handbooks are not a legal requirement in the UK, but they can be efficient tools. Companies may write staff handbooks when they have scaled in size and want their policies and […]

by Duane Jackson

Menstrual Leave: Could We See a UK Law?

21st Dec '22

In May 2022, Spain announced they were looking to introduce a government-level menstrual leave policy. They are the first Western economy to ever do so, but could we see a similar law adopted in the UK?

by Duane Jackson

Workcations: What do they mean for HR?

1st Sep '22

Historically, we’ve been advised to keep work and play separate, but a new employee trend is completely revolutionising this mindset. People across the country are packing their bags and travelling to new temporary locations for months at a time, all while continuing with their jobs remotely – this is now known as a ‘workcation’. In […]

by Duane Jackson

What Are the Benefits of HR Software?

29th Jul '22

HR software unlocks employee performance and boosts visibility into what matters for your company: the people who work there. Learn what the benefits of a HR software are today.

by Duane Jackson

Salary Sacrifice Pension Schemes for Employees receiving SMP

6th Jul '22

If an employee is on a salary sacrifice scheme and receives SMP, they do not have any pension deducted.The employer’s deduction covers the amount you usually take from the employee. So before SMP started, the employee’s pension deduction was 5%, with an employer’s deduction of 3%. Therefore, whilst on SMP, the whole 8% would be […]

by Anna Stephens

HR: what is position management?  

11th Apr '22

How are you managing your workforce?  For many HR professionals, when their business increases in size, various time-drains and challenges arise around determining accurate roles and responsibilities.   But with HR software, you can use position management to make handling a dynamic workforce much easier and less time-consuming.    What is position management?   Essentially, position management creates […]

by Anthony Wolny

Pay Run Column-Based Import & Report Packs

9th Sep '21

The latest update to Staffology includes two ways to help you save time when running your payrolls. Pay Run Column-Based Import Mapping We have received requests to make Import more flexible. To that end this release includes the ability to map columns from a csv file to pay codes, rather than having a row for […]

by Dylan Martinez

Will face masks become mandatory in the office?

3rd Sep '20

Following September 1, face masks are now mandatory within all offices and factories in France. This enforcement is due to the surge in coronavirus cases France is currently experiencing. As a number of cities across the UK are also seeing coronavirus spikes and local lockdowns, many HR professionals are wondering – will we follow suit? […]

by Anthony Wolny

Furlough: New law to stop redundancy pay cut

13th Aug '20

Some businesses have been giving lower redundancy payments to staff who were furloughed, then later laid off, the Government says. Although it describes them as ‘the minority’, Ministers have sought to stop this happening by introducing a new law, which has now taken effect. Why has it happened? Some employers have been making redundancy pay-outs […]

by Anthony Wolny

50,000 bank staff WFH till 2021, despite PM’s guidance change

23rd Jul '20

Large swathes of the workforce have been working from home for months to help reduce the risks of COVID infections, as instructed by the Government. But as August nears, the Prime Minister signalled a shift in the messaging around coronavirus and workplace safety. As of next month, employers will be given a much greater say. […]

by Anthony Wolny

New funding for employers who hire trainees and apprentices

9th Jul '20

A lot has been announced in the recent summer statement, but few changes will have as large an impact on HR professionals as the support being given to apprenticeships and trainees. The policies are part of the Government’s wider plan to encourage hiring and job retention across the UK. Below we’ve outlined what has been […]

by Anthony Wolny

Furlough to end and new Job Retention Bonus scheme revealed

8th Jul '20

Furlough is to be wound down and succeeded by a new Job Retention Bonus Scheme, costing up to £9bn, the Chancellor has revealed today. Rishi Sunak has just released a summer statement detailing the future of the Government’s COVID-19 support for workers and businesses. Key announcements were made about the end of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, […]

by Anthony Wolny

Quick wins for the next normal – 5 ways of working to leave behind

1st Jul '20

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s the importance of business resilience. We know that resetting, reorganising, and finding resilience are likely to be a huge part of your business strategy right now. So, inspired by the ingenuity of SMEs across the globe, here are 5 ways of working we don’t think […]

by Anthony Wolny

Staying home vs returning to the office?

26th Jun '20

Continue homeworking or return to the workplace? The question SMEs are all facing right now…  It’s a big question and the answer will be different for each and every business.   Either way, Staffology HR is here to help.   Staying home Home working is set to become a much more regular part of the way most […]

by Anthony Wolny

Here to Help: Becoming COVID-secure – what does this mean?

22nd May '20

The government has provided a list of guidelines to help companies make sure their workplaces are safe for employees to return to. They’re calling this being ‘COVID-secure’. Encouraging businesses to translate the guidelines into the specific actions they need to take, the government is also asking them to undertake a COVID-19 risk assessment. In addition, ways […]

by Anthony Wolny

Stress Awareness Month – 3 steps to starting conversations about stress

7th Apr '20

The disruption and uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is turning our working and personal lives upside down. This means that levels of stress and anxiety are likely to be higher among your employees than ever before. Unfortunately, stigma still surrounds stress which means some of your employees may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable opening up […]

by Anthony Wolny

Here to Help: 8 simple ways to enhance your wellbeing strategy for home workers

6th Apr '20

The way we live and work has changed dramatically over the last few weeks. So much so that even the most resilient and adaptable of your employees are likely to be feeling the strain. That means it’s more important than ever to focus on employee wellbeing. To help, we’re sharing 8 simple ways you can […]

by Anthony Wolny

Our 5 top tips for creating a culture of learning and development

28th Feb '20

Improving employee engagement, retention and boosting the skills available within your business – three great reasons why a strong learning and development strategy should be a high priority for SMEs. But all too often, sitting down to set up a new strategy can be seen as a time-consuming task. So, we’ve put together five top […]

by Anthony Wolny

See you on the red carpet – at the 2020 Amazon ScaleUp Awards

27th Feb '20

We couldn’t be happier to announce that we’re sponsoring the Employer of the Year category at the 2020 Amazon ScaleUp Awards, which will be celebrating the best of UK business. Our Chief People Officer, Stephanie Kelly will be presenting the award, and is excited to have the chance to honour a business that strives to put its people […]

by Anthony Wolny

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