Umbrella Reconciliation and Statements

Posted on Tuesday, 25th Feb '20

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

If you’re working with Umbrella company payroll then your 2020 is off to a good start.

We’re really beefing up our Umbrella features.

At the beginning of the month we added CSV imports and now we’re announcing two new reports.

Umbrella Statement

The Umbrella Statement report allows you to select an employee and a date range to produce a statement.

The statement details the agency invoice amount and details all employer and employee deductions for each period to show how the take-home payment was arrived at.

As with most of our other reports, this report can be viewed on-screen and downloaded as either a PDF file or CSV.

Umbrella Reconciliation Report

This report is very similar to the Umbrella Statement, except that it will show all employees in the selected period(s).

If more than one pay period is selected then the total for each employee in the given periods is summarised into a total, so each employee is only shown once.

This is useful to reconcile against other records showing the total amount invoiced to agencies and the total amount charged in fees.

Not a customer yet?

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Duane Jackson, February 25th, 2020