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Posted on Friday, 30th Nov '18

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

Since I announced the Staffology private beta a couple of weeks ago, lots more has been done based on your feedback.

Below is a list of some of the changes and a heads-up on what we’re now working on. Do let me know if you have any suggestions on what we should add/change or what the priorities should be.

1) White Labeling
Most of you are interested in white-labeling the software to offer to your own customers. So we’ve spent a fair amount of time improving this ability.

We’ll eventually be updating the UI to make it easy for you to change the branding yourself and the branding will be shown across all users that you register. API calls are coming to make it easier to create new accounts for your customers

2) Payslip PDFs
We’ve added the ability to create Payslips as PDFs. Each employer can customise them to their own look and feel by adjusting the CSS.

3) Speed Improvements
A lot of work has been done under the bonnet to make everything a lot faster. This is especially noticeable now on the Employee page which loads much more quickly than it did..

4) Image Upload
You can now upload a photo for an Employee. You can also upload a logo for an Employer.

5) CIS
When you create a new employee and indicate that they are a CIS Subcontractor then a verification request is automatically sent to HMRC. We also now generate CIS300 returns. CIS functionality has been tested by HMRC and we are now “recognised”.

6) Responsive Navigation
We’ve made the menus much nicer to use when you use the app on a small screen, ie a mobile phone.

7) ShPP
As well as SAP, SMP and SPP we now also support ShPP

8) P30 Report
We’ve added a P30 report which you can either download a a PDF or as a CSV for further analysis.

9) HMRC Payments
We’ve added a section for viewing your HMRC Liabilites and tracking your payments

10) Apprenticeship Levy, Employment Allowance and Small Employers Relief
Added support for both, including automatically creating and submitting an EPS to notify HMRC

Coming up

  • Invite colleagues so you can both work on the same Employer
  • Branded ‘Verify your email’ emails. Optionally sent via your own SMTP servers.
  • Ability to email payslips (password protected) rather than just download PDFs
  • BACs files for sending to the bank to initiate transfers
  • Improve Auto Enrollment functionality and generation of statutory letters

My plan is to have everything ready for public beta early in the new year with general availability being ready for the start of the new financial year in April 2019.

Thanks for all your help in testing this so far, please do keep the feedback coming.

Duane Jackson, November 30th, 2018

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