Pre-Xmas Private Beta Update

Posted on Friday, 21st Dec '18

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

I thought I’d send a final Staffology update for the year before we all wind down for a bit over Christmas

There has been lots of progress in the past 3 weeks. Specifically:

1) Email We’ve gone from zero email functionality to a lot of email-related features.. You (as a brand) and individual Employers can customise HTML email templates

You and individual Employers can set the system to use your/their own SMTP servers instead of ours Employees can be set to have their payslips emailed to them (not yet password protected) Mail Logs and Settings can be accessed from the top-right menu

2) Manage Branding If you’re using the white-label option, you can now manage the branding and other settings yourself.

Click your name/avatar at the top right and chose “Manage xxx Payroll” where xxx is your brand name. If you don’t have access to White Label and would like to have a look then let me know and I’ll enable it on your account.

3) Pay Codes The Pay Codes page now divides the codes up in to 3 tabs, separating your own custom codes from System Codes and Control Codes.

To give you greater flexibility over pension calculations you can now set on a per-code basis whether deductions and additions using that code should be taking into account when calculating pensionable pay.

4) Payment Files You can now download a CSV of all payments to employees that need to be made after completing a Pay Run. As well as a file containing all payments, there’s also a formatted file specifically for BACS/Faster Payments. I suspect we’ll have to introduce multiple different formats to support specific banks, so please do send me any samples you have of formats you need for banks you are using.

5) Date Picker and other UI Enhancements A few people commented that they’d rather enter dates manually than pick from a calendar. So now the calendar doesn’t show up when you click in a date field, it’ll only show if you click the calendar icon next to the field. Additionally we’ve made it more obvious when you’re viewing Opening Balances that can no longer be edited – the banner at the top of the page was overlooked by a lot of people. There have been lots of other minor improvements too which you may notice.

6) API All of the above is of course available via the API as well as the UI. We’ve also put in a lot of work to standardise the way you work with reports in the API. As documented here, it now consistently looks at the “Accept” header to determine whether to give you a CSV, PDF or JSON result.

7) PDF Speed Creating PDFs still isn’t as fast as we’d all like. We’ve introduced some code that creates and caches the PDF files before you even request them, so hopefully for commonly requested files (such as Payslips) you should now see a significant improvement.

Coming Up

In the new year the focus will be on

  1. White Label partners being able to create and manage accounts for their customers
  2. Multi-user
  3. Improving the Auto Enrollment functionality

Thanks for all of your support in the last couple of months.

I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year.

Duane Jackson, December 21st, 2018

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