Updated Furlough (CJRS) Report

Posted on Wednesday, 15th Jul '20

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

After being the first to release a Furlough (CJRS) Claim report back in April, I’m pleased to say we now have an updated report to take into account the changes between now and October.

The employee details page now lets you state that an employee is partially furloughed and to enter the required information about hours worked.

The report calculations now take into account the reducing maximum claim (from £2,500 to £2187.50 and to £1875) and reducing percentages (80%, 70%, 60%) as well as the removal of your ability to claim NI and Pension contributions.

As many of you have pay periods that overlap the start of the month, this has also been taken into consideration. A pro-rata amount of the values is taken from each relevant month.

If you have any feedback at all on the report then please do let us know.

Duane Jackson, July 15th, 2020

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