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Five reasons to use IRIS Staffology

7th Jul '23

When it comes to cloud-powered HR, payroll and bureau software, making the right choice is everything. Many are making this decision right now – perhaps because they hear 4 in every 5 HR teams have saved money using cloud tech, and nearly 9 in 10 think such software delivers greater control. But, despite the hype, […]

by Duane Jackson

How Staffology‘s creator shifted the software landscape

30th Mar '23

If you walk through any IRIS office, you soon spot those taking their first step on the career ladder, complemented by a host of entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives. The latter bring decades of market-tested innovation and industry insight – some were even personalities in their own right before becoming part of IRIS. Duane Jackson is […]

by Duane Jackson

What Could a Carer’s Leave Bill Mean for Employers?

16th Feb '23

Employers could be faced with new legislation that entitles their employees to care leave. At any point during a career, personal time may be needed to provide care for a dependent or family member. Currently, this agreement or arrangement is up to the employer’s discretion. Included as part of the Conservative Party Manifesto since 2019, […]

by Duane Jackson

Recent Staffology Enhancements

25th Apr '22

We have recently introduced a range of fantastic enhancements to Staffology Payroll. They include: Warnings We have introduced the concept of warnings when opening a pay run to help avoid potential issues with payments or FPS submissions. Warnings currently include: Missing Bank details for employees with payment method set to credit (go to Employee > Pay […]

by Matt Routledge

A New Home for Staffology

8th Jan '21

As some of you will know, I’ve been on the start-up journey before.In a previous life I started KashFlow and grew it over nearly ten years to 20,000 customers. Staffology came about, not because I wanted to do it again, but because of the clear need for some innovation in the payroll space and my personal desire to […]

by Duane Jackson

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