Parallel Payruns

Posted on Thursday, 11th Feb '21

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

It’s a common scenario: you’ve looked at the demonstration, you’ve played with some of the automation settings.
You’ve realised Staffology really is as amazing as everyone says.

But you’re cautious. It’s mid-year and you don’t want to jump in feet first.

The Usual Way

So often what you would do is a couple of months of “parallel runs”.

You set everything up in Staffology and for the next couple of months you perform your payruns in our cloud solution as well as whatever software you’re planning on moving away from – just to make sure it all matches.

That’s great. But it does mean you have to wait a couple of months before you can make the switch.

You want to start getting all of the benefits of Staffology sooner rather than later, and of course as a commercial enterprise we want you signed up today, not tomorrow!

A Quicker Approach

A quicker way to do this is with a bit of time travel.

Set up Staffology just as your existing system was a couple of payruns ago – lets say December 2020.

Assuming you’re running a monthly schedule then you could, for example, import the FPS from your November payun.

You’d then process December and January pay in Staffology. Don’t submit the FPSes in Staffology though (you should have already done that in your old software) just click the link to “Manually mark as accepted”.

If you had everything set  up correctly then Staffology should now have the same net pay amounts, YTD values, etc as your existing system.

So you should now be good to go. For the next months pay you can process it in Staffology and submit the FPS to HMRC.

No need to wait for months!

Duane Jackson, February 11th, 2021

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