Introducing Payroll Automation

Posted on Tuesday, 26th Mar '19

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

Just because we’ve now officially launched, doesn’t mean that development has slowed down.

We’ve added lots of new features in the past few weeks.

Payroll Automation

Not everyone has the development resources to take advantage of our Payroll API. So we’ve built a group of features that will allow you to take advantage of automation functionality without any code. Set payrolls to auto-pilot and automatically send out payslips and payment reports. Read more here.

New Reports

P32 – as well as the P30, you can now also create a P32 report.

Payrun Payments – generate a report detaiing payments (to employees, pension providers and HMRC) that are due after a payrun is finalised. This can be automatically emailed.

Gross To Net Report – Compare your employees’ gross pay with their net pay for one or more pay periods.

Employee Export – export all of your employee data in CSV format

Attachment Order Statement – produce a statement showing payments made for an Attachment Order.

Telleroo Export – set your bank files to ‘Telleroo’ so they’re automatically formatted for importing to Telleroo.

Accounting Integration

You can now connect your Staffology account with Xero, Quickbooks Online or Sage to map your payment codes to nominal codes in your accounting software.

Payslip Improvements

Notes – you can now add notes to payslips

Employer Contributions – Employer NIC and Pension Contributions are now shown on payslips.

PDF Preview – you can now preview payslip PDFs before the payrun is finalised. A ‘Preview Only’ watermark will be added to prevent abuse or confusion.

There is a lot of information created when you finalise a payslip. Different items will be of interest to different people, so you can now customise what you see to suit your needs.

What more do you need?

Integration with NEST is still coming – we’ve been slowed down by some changes at their end. What else do you need? Let me know and we’ll do our best to add whatever features you need.

Duane Jackson, March 26th, 2019

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