Please don’t compare us to Sage

Posted on Tuesday, 5th May '20

Duane Jackson by Duane Jackson

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I noticed last week that a new user, Sarah Carter @ Rocket Software, had run a payroll in our payroll software but the FPS had failed so I got in touch to ask if I could help.

Here’s the reply from Sarah:

 I know why it has failed: due to me not putting the government gateway details in there.

I have processed a payroll as a dummy to compare to Sage…no comparison, Staffology is AMAZING! LOVE IT!

Been using Sage for 20 years so I know my way around a payroll and I cant believe how great yours is. Blown away! 

Such great feedback to have, especially from someone with so much experience with the (current!) market leader.

In the last tax year, our first in the market, we migrated well over 1,000 employers from Sage 50 Payroll. There’s a simple process for it.

We’ve also had users move from Brightpay, Payroll Manager, IRIS Earnie, KashFlow Payroll and many others.
Feel free to help yourself to a demo of our software to see the future of payroll.

But as Sarah says, don’t compare us with Sage. No comparison!

Duane Jackson, May 5th, 2020

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