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A Guide to Calculating Annual Leave Pro-Rata

30th Nov '23

All employees are entitled to annual leave. But how much? This blog explains everything you need to know about calculating annual leave pro rata for your employees.

by Duane Jackson

The Four-Day Working Week: How Does It Work?

26th Sep '23

A four-day workweek aims to give employees more work-life balance. With more companies adopting it in the UK, there are a few things you need to know.

by Duane Jackson

A Guide to Pilon (Pay in Lieu of Notice)

3rd Jul '23

Payment in Lieu of Notice is used when an employee’s contract is terminated for various reasons. This guide covers everything you need to know about PILON.

by Duane Jackson

How to Calculate Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

15th May '23

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) or Period of Incapacity for Work (PIW) offers employees continuity of pay during sick leave absences. Employers often have the tough task of accurately calculating and paying exact amounts to ensure they are covered too. Dependent on a range of criteria, circumstances and time taken, sick pay can also look different […]

by Duane Jackson

Staffology Payroll: how past meets future in powerful cloud software

25th Apr '23

Fran Williams, Senior Product Director at IRIS, is on a mission. He and his team are taking the company’s four decades of payroll success and channelling it into the latest apps and services. This is no small task! When Fran joined IRIS, he was given oversight of 25 different software and service lines, ranging from […]

by Duane Jackson

Could Off-Payroll Working Rules Be Changing from April 2023?

20th Mar '23

There are possible changes to off-payroll working rules that could be enforced from April 2023. IR35, often referred to as off-payroll working, has significantly evolved since 2017. From reforms to boost the contractor economy to shocking government U-turns, it can be hard to keep track of the changes when it comes to off-payroll working. Follow […]

by Duane Jackson

Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) Guide for Employers

28th Feb '23

Time Off in Lieu can be tricky to manage and confusing to keep on top of. Read what it is and how Staffology HR can simplify TOIL in our latest blog.

by Duane Jackson

Menstrual Leave: Could We See a UK Law?

21st Dec '22

In May 2022, Spain announced they were looking to introduce a government-level menstrual leave policy. They are the first Western economy to ever do so, but could we see a similar law adopted in the UK?

by Duane Jackson

Salary Sacrifice Pension Schemes for Employees receiving SMP

6th Jul '22

If an employee is on a salary sacrifice scheme and receives SMP, they do not have any pension deducted.The employer’s deduction covers the amount you usually take from the employee. So before SMP started, the employee’s pension deduction was 5%, with an employer’s deduction of 3%. Therefore, whilst on SMP, the whole 8% would be […]

by Anna Stephens

Understanding GDPR and Payroll: Everything You Need to Know

29th Jun '22

The very nature of payroll requires key professionals within a business to collect and process accurate and reliable data about its employees. Payroll data is, then, at the centre of what you do. But when it comes to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), what are the rules affecting payroll data, and how can you ensure its compliance?

by Duane Jackson

What is CIS Payroll and Who Does It Apply To?

15th Jun '22

A CIS payroll service ensures that you can compliantly issue monthly payments to subcontractors, including tax and NI deductions. Find more info on CIS here.

by Duane Jackson

How Does Payroll Work?

8th Jun '22

Understand how payroll works and what employee information is needed for payroll. Get all the information you need with Staffology’s easy to read guide.

by Duane Jackson

Guide to Pension Re-Enrolment

27th May '22

Workplace pension re-enrolment is a legal obligation for all employers. Find out everything you need to know about re-enrolment, including deadlines.

by Duane Jackson

A History of the Payroll System

18th May '22

This guide covers the history of the payroll system, which offers an overview of everything that’s been involved in this important process so far.Modern payroll systems have come a long way from the historical payroll records that have been discovered and, like all digitized functions, they will keep evolving as time goes on.

by Duane Jackson

What is Umbrella Payroll?

18th Apr '22

Understand what umbrella payroll is, including the difference between umbrella and PAYE companies. Find out if this option is right for you.

by Duane Jackson

Year-end Process

31st Mar '22

Many of you have already closed your tax year 2021/2022 and have moved into the tax year for 2022/2023. If you are still to do this, here’s a preview of what to expect. Once all your pay runs are complete, Start Monthly* Pay Run on the Payroll tab changes to Start Year End Process. * This will display your relevant […]

by Anna Stephens

Staffology API Mailing List

30th Mar '22

We have created a mailing list specifically to keep API users up to date on any changes that may impact them. If you would like us to keep you up to date with changes that may affect systems you have configured with the API, then please provide your details via the following link: API Mailing […]

by Anna Stephens

Calculating Holiday Pay for Variable Hours Employees – A Guide

24th Mar '22

Calculating Holiday Pay for Variable Hours Employees The importance of accurately calculating holiday pay is a payroll responsibility and one that impacts both a business and its employees. All staff expect statutory holiday pay as it is a standard entitlement in the UK. At its most basic level, holiday pay is the allowance a worker […]

by Duane Jackson

Pay Codes & Importing from CSV

17th Mar '22

Hi, As we end the 2021/2022 tax year and begin the next one, here is some information on additional features recently added to the software. Pay Codes To Pay Under Settings > Pay Codes, when creating or editing a deduction, our recent release introduces a new To Pay field that enables you to set who to pay whenever […]

by Anna Stephens

Year-end Processing & Legislation Updates

4th Mar '22

The software is up to date with all the latest legislative changes for the 2022/2023 tax year, and you can now begin your year-end processing.   The legislative changes include: The introduction of the new Freeports Upper Secondary Threshold (FUST) and Veteran Upper Secondary Threshold (VUST)   Increased National Minimum/Living Wage Rates  The Health and Social […]

by Anna Stephens

Payslip Customisation & Updates

3rd Mar '22

Here’s an update on some changes we have recently made to Staffology Payroll. We continue to update the software with the legislative changes for the 2022/2023 tax year. The final stages of testing are being worked through in readiness for release. Payslip Customisation We have added the following two new options to Settings > Payslip […]

by Anna Stephens

The Benefits of Automated Payroll Systems

22nd Feb '22

Modern payroll has automation tools to help users become more efficient and increase accuracy. Learn more about benefits of an automated payroll system.

by Duane Jackson

Salary Sacrifice Arrangement, Explained

16th Feb '22

Planning to add salary sacrifice arrangements in your workplace? We discuss what employers should consider from payroll implications to effects on pensions.

by Duane Jackson

Introducing Payees

9th Feb '22

Here we are, fast approaching Tax Year-end for Payroll!  Can you believe it, another Tax Year is nearly over? We are busy working on the legislative changes for you, and these will be published in due course. The latest Staffology release includes a new time-saving feature, detailed below. Payees Under Settings, there is now a […]

by Anna Stephens

CSV Templates, Student Loans, AEOs and DPS updates.

17th Jan '22

Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year and welcoming you into 2022 with What’s New for Staffology. Here is an update on some of the recent changes we introduced at the end of last year.  CSV Templates In Payroll, you now have the option to export blank CSV templates for completion – Download CSV – basic (only […]

by Anna Stephens

Supporting Documents

31st Aug '21

Governmental bodies supply several documents which form part of the payroll process. In some instances, they are used to update an employee’s record, and you can then file them away. To support you with your record-keeping, we have added the ability to attach documents to Employee records, making it easier to refer to should queries […]

by Dylan Martinez

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